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Seal: DylanchordsLaTeX converter

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Seal converts the HTML files of Eyolf Østrem's grand Dylanchords Bob Dylan Guitar Tab archive to LaTeX, which can then be converted to PDF. The purpose is to have an aesthetically pleasing end result, ready to be printed out.


If you are only interested in the final PDF created by Seal, see the you can download it directly (PDF, 3.5M).

If you want to run Seal yourself, download the current version. You'll need Ruby and a TeX environment (e.g., TeX Live).

You will also need a recent the Dylanchords HTML files, which you can get as a zip file or as a Git archive from


$ cd seal/
$ ./seal-convert /path/to/dylanchords
$ ./seal-tex

This generates a file called book/mbpbook.pdf.

The seal-convert program also has some command-line options, see seal-convert -h.


Seal is free software, licensed under the revised BSD license (KDE-style). This means you are free to use, distribute, change, or sell this software. However, you do so at your own risk.


A list of people I'm obliged to thank, in no particular order:

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